Gran Danzón (Martha Councell-Vargas)


About CD

A new album of works for flute and piano celebrates the great tradition of Latin American music, and the Americas as a whole, with a design that gives a special tip of the hat to the bygone era of musical showmanship and glitzy pop-culture of Cuban dance orchestra musicians in the 1940’s and 50’s.
A specialist of music from Latin America and the Caribbean, acclaimed flutist Martha Councell-Vargas offers works by Andres Sas, Eduardo Gamboa, Christopher Caliendo and the incomparable Paquito D’Rivera, who contributes the title track “Gran Danzón,” and his support: “I love Martha Councell-Vargas “fluteism” and sense of humor. Her new CD is excellent: …impeccable playing... and the rendition of my Gran Danzón is right in the pocket!”
All infused with the festive and celebratory spirit that marks the distinctive sound of the Americas, the four works not only reflect this great tradition, but do so within the realm of Euro-classical form.
With “Gran Danzón”, Martha Councell-Vargas invites the listener to explore the contagious sounds of the Americas, and discover through the diversity and similarities of these works, a universal Americanism.

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Track Listing

Andres Sas Sonatina-Fantasia
1 Fantasia 3:40
2 Elegia 3: 12
3 Danza 5:15

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Eduardo Gamboa Transparencias
4 Torito 4:02
5 Arrullo 3:16
6 Rompe 2:48
7 Jarabe 1:39

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Christopher Caliendo Sonata No. 7 “The Jazz Sonata”
8 Andante un poco allegretto 4:21
9 Andante Rapsodia 6:17
10 Moderato con fuoco 7:52

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11 Paquito D’Rivera Gran Danzón “The Bel-air Concerto” 22:39

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