American Record Guide Reviews Richard Sherman's BUCOLIQUES

DEBUSSY: Spring; DESENCLOS: Bucolics ;
DUREY: Sonatine; GROVLEZ: Romance & Scherzo;
MONTBRUN: 6 Musical Pieces for Study
Richard Sherman, fl; Minsoo Sohn, p
Blue Griffin 379—61 minutes
In the introduction to this program, Sherman tells us, “Although many of these pieces are  deserving of modern appreciation, some have been given only minimal exposure. Hiding in plain sight in libraries, they await the attention of performers and audiences in the 21st Century as the French style continues to enjoy a rayonnement”. The notes by Nancy Toff, biographer of Franco-American flutist Georges Barrere, add to the appeal of this release.
And then there is the playing: Sherman and Sohn fly through difficulties as if they were nothing, but also make the easier parts hold your attention. In other words, this installment is just as engaging and satisfying as the last two! Bravo!
It’s almost sacrilege for me to suggest that you skip to the end of the program to be enchanted by the first of the Bucolics by Desenclos. If Sherman’s playing encourages you to explore Durey further, seek out the recording of his chamber works, never reviewed here, on Mandala 4980. It doesn’t have the Sonatine, but there are more than two hours of other pieces for strings, winds, and voice. That 2-CD set also doesn’t have the four other flute works by Durey mentioned in the booklet. Sherman’s next project perhaps? It’ll be well worth hearing if it’s anything like these three.

Sergei Kvitko