Contraptions (Ben Miles)

Contraptions (Ben Miles)


Debut CD from Ben Miles Associate Professor of Tuba at Middle Tennessee State University and winner of the 2005 Leonard Falcone International Artist Tuba Competition.

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Besides works by Curtis Olson and Ron Newman, this recording includes Miles's original compositions, one if which, Contraptions, is on the required music list for the 2013 Leonard Falcone International Artist Tuba Competition and also on the list for this year's Concorso Internazionale Citta di Porica.

Ben Miles is joined by pianist Jun Okada, flutist Sarah Miles and bass trombonist Bryan Pokorney.

Sonatina for Tuba and Piano (Ben Miles)

01.       In a march style                                             2:41
02.       Moderately                                                    2:33
03.       Fast and mysterious                                        3:26
Contraptions for Solo Tuba (Ben Miles)
04.       Pulleys, Gears, Cogs, and Levers                       1:36
05.       Hot Air Balloon                                               1:46
06.       Roller Coaster                                                2:11
07.       Bulldozer                                                       2:39
08.       Conveyor Belt                                                 2:17
Fantasy for Flute and Tuba (Ben Miles)
09.       Tylopilus                                                        2:05
10.       Taris                                                             2:34
11.       Traverse                                                        1:58
12.       Tartarus                                                        2:44
Incurzion for Tuba and Synthesizer (Curtis Olson)
13.       Fast                                                              4:52
14.       Slow                                                              5:13
15.       Fast                                                               6:22

Duo for Bass Trombone and Tuba (Ron Newman)
16.       That Old Refrain                                            3:17