Groove Machine (H2 Quartet)

Groove Machine (H2 Quartet)

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The saxophone is an instrument that firmly established the concept of groove in jazz and popular music in the twentieth century. With the collection of works on the aptly-titled Groove Machine, the h2 quartet adopts that aesthetic, showing that it is alive and well in the postmodern art music of today.  Groove Machine moves ably from rock-influenced power chords to mid-century modernism to Latin and American folk music flavors.  The strength of this ensemble lies in its ability to present contemporary works that are both challenging and provocative, yet remain highly appealing to a wide audience—Groove Machine is a whirlwind from start to finish.

Revolution (2004/2010)                                              12:42

Marc Mellits (b.1966)

Arr. Jonathan Nichol (b. 1982)

1.             I.  Groove Canon                                                  2:23

2.             II. Mara’s Toys                                                    3:01

3.             III.  December 1989                                           3:39

4.             IV. Groove Machine                                            3:38


5. Univocity (2009)                                                         5:43

Amy Williams (b. 1969)


6. Tango Virtuoso (1993)                                             5:00                                                                                            

Thierry Escaich (b. 1965)


7. The Wild, Wild West (2008)                                   8:41

Murray Gross (b. 1955)


Saxteto (2007)                                                                  15:58

Victor Márquez Barrios (b. 1977)

8.             I. Raguinho                                                           3:25

9.             II.  Sangueo                                                           4:37

10.          III. Nana                                                                4:01

11.          IV. Sopla Pambiche                                             3:54


12. Engrenages (2006)                                                  5:40

Alexandros Markeas (b.1965)

Sergei Kvitko, piano improvisation