A Horse With Wings. Ricky Ian Gordon Sings Ricky Ian Gordon

A Horse With Wings. Ricky Ian Gordon Sings Ricky Ian Gordon


A unique look into the soul of the poet and the composer, this recording presents the listener with an opportunity to hear Ricky Ian Gordon sing his own songs, while accompanying himself on the piano.

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Quite a contrast with the grandiose scale of his famed operas, most notably The Grapes of Wrath, this is an intimate and very personal offering from one of the most beloved American composers of opera, musical theater and song.
An exquisite taste in poetry, complex harmonies, sophisticated yet very appealing vocal lines, everything that made Gordon’s songs such an enormoussuccess among singers of all generations and walks of life – from aspiring high school students to superstars such as Renee Fleming and Dawn Upshaw – is delivered with poise, simplicity and heartfelt warmth by the author himself.

1. Finding Home       

2. Heaven         

3. A Horse With Wings        

4. Drivers Of Diaper Service Trucks Are Sad  

5. The Light Comes On By Itself        

6. Bus Stop      

7. If I Should Learn     

8. Midnight Lake          

9. Virginia Woolf       

10. Janet Underneath The Roses        

11. Lullaby          

12. White Haired Woman           

13. Adolescent’s Song     

14. Home Of The Brave     

15. What Shall We Remember?         

16. Autobiographia Literaria