Bela Bartok: Music for Violin and Piano (Sarah Plum & Timothy Lovelace)

Bela Bartok: Music for Violin and Piano (Sarah Plum & Timothy Lovelace)


Long time duo partners Sarah Plum, violin and Timothy Lovelace, piano here present music for violin and piano of Bela Bartokin the first of a projected two CD set. 

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Plum began her performing career by winning the first prize at the International Stulberg Competition in 1984.  Since then she has carved out a distinctive role as a serious interpreter of a large range of music – commissioning many new works as well as crafting fresh interpretations of the standard repertoire.  Timothy Lovelace is an active recitalist who has performed and recorded with a long roster of internationally-known artists such as Miriam Fried, Nobuko Imai, Robert Mann, Charles Neidich, PaquitoD’Rivera and Dawn Upshaw.

Romanian Folk Dances (1925 – 26) (5:23)
Transcription for violin and piano by ZoltánSzékely of Romanian Folk Dances,BB 68 (1915) for solo piano
1.  I Joc cu bâta˘ (Stick Dance) (1:20)
2. II Brâul (0:29)
3. III Peloc (In One Spot) Andante (1:04)
4. IV Buciumeana (Dance of Bucium) (1:20)
5. V Poarga˘româneasca˘ (Romanian Polka) (0:33)
6. VI Ma˘runtel (Fast Dance) (1:01)

Rhapsody No. 1, BB 94a (1928, revised 1929)
Dedicated to Joseph Szigeti
7. I “Lass.” Moderato (4.07)
8. II “Friss” Allegro moderato (5.22)

Sonata No. 2, for Violin and Piano BB 85 (1922)
Written for Jelly d’Aranyi
9. I Molto moderato (8:50)
10. II Allegretto (12:33)

Rhapsody No. 2, BB 96a (1928, revised 1945)
Dedicated to ZoltanSzekely
11. I “Lass.” – Moderato (4.42)
12. II “Friss” – Allegro moderato (6.28)