Bric-A-Brac. Ricky Ian Gordon Sings Ricky Ian Gordon

Bric-A-Brac. Ricky Ian Gordon Sings Ricky Ian Gordon


Not often are we offered a chance to hear the author’s interpretation of his own work – an insight that is deeply personal and infused with a sense of candid vulnerability. 


It is exactly such insight into the music and poetry of one of America’s most celebrated composers of opera, musical theatre and song, Ricky Ian Gordon, which is presented in this second installment of “Ricky Ian Gordon Sings Ricky Ian Gordon” series, featuring the composer in performance of his own songs.

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Following the successful release of “A Horse With Wings,” which has been described as impassioned” by Fanfare Magazine, “Bric-A-Brac” continues to present the more intimate side of Ricky Ian Gordon’s prolific catalog, which boasts large theater works, such as his immense opera The Grapes of Wrath, hailed by critics as “a great American opera,” or his musical Sycamore Trees that was listed as one of 10 best productions of 2010 by Washington Post.

This is a music both intricate and pure, whose haunting beauty has drawn such legendary performers as Renee Fleming, Dawn Upshaw and Lorraine Hunt Leiberson; experienced here through the composer’s own voice. 

1. Bric-A-Brac                                                     3:03

2. Recuerdo                                                        4:03

3. Pont Mirabeau                                             5:25

4. The Spring And The Fall                            4:00

5. Interior                                                            1:53

6. Friend                                                              3:05

7. Just now                                                          3:04

8. Lullaby                                                             6:25

9. Three Leaving                                               3:23

10. The Different Albertines                        6:04

11. Beat Me A Crown                                      1:55

12. Fewer Words                                              4:16

13. We Will Always Walk Together           5:25

14. My Mother Is A Singer                            3:30

15. Fried Dough                                                2:39

16. Kid In The Park                                            2:30

17. Threnody                                                     2:31

18. Question                                                       2:19

19. Home Is There                                            2:50