Zodiac Trio (Kliment Krylovskiy, Vanessa Mollard, Riko Higuma)

Zodiac Trio (Kliment Krylovskiy, Vanessa Mollard, Riko Higuma)


Considered the new image of the clarinet-violin-piano combination, the Zodiac Trio have recently been welcomed to the internationally distinguished artist roster of Columbia Artists Management.  Originating in New York, Zodiac Trio first made its mark on the international competition circuit as protégé of the legendary Ysaÿe Quartet at the Paris Conservatory, and have went on to enjoy an international touring scheduling that surpasses any other ensemble of its kind.Combining the legendary, the unearthed and the new, this recording features Igor Stravinsky's suite from his devilish "L'Histoire du Soldat;"  a world-premiere recording of "A Smiling Suite" by famed French composer Nicolas Bacri - a tongue-in-cheek compilation of homages to the great styles of classical music; a hauntingly beautiful Trio by the Soviet mystic Galina Ustvolskaya whose music never made its way across the iron curtain, but fascinated Shostakovich enough to quote in his own chamber works, and the Zodiac Trio's trademark interpretation of one of 20th century's pillars of chamber music - Bela Bartok's legendary Contrasts.

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Igor StravinskyL'Histoire du Soldat (1918)
1) Marche du Soldat · 1:39
2) Violon du Soldat · 2:38
3) Petit Concert · 2:49
4) Tango-Valse-Rag · 6:10
5) Danse du Diable · 1:25
Nicolas Bacri
A Smiling Suite Opus 100b (2007)
World Premiere Recording
6) Capriccio · 2:02
7) Menuet lent · 2:33
8) Gavotte · 2:06
9) Air · 2:56
10) Fuga Diatonica · 1:57
Galina Ustvolskaya
Trio (1949)
11) Espressivo · 6:56
12) Dolce · 3:10
13) Energico · 5:18
Béla Bartók
"Contrasts" Sz. 111, BB 116 (1936)
14) Verbunkos · 5:22
15) PihenQ · 4:21
16) Sebes · 6:54

CBC Music "Disc of the Week" (March, 03, 2013)

"If this CD is an indication, the Zodiac Trio is destined for a long and interesting performing career...Zodiac performs each of these great works with style and aplomb; providing nice pacing throughout and great balance...There are many reasons that all chamber music lovers should acquire this disc...I recommend this enthusiastically!"
-Audiophile Audition

Winner of the "RING" from French Classique Info

"This disc, extremely varied in its modes of interpretation, presents all the facets of a true ensemble of inspired musicians. " 
- Classique Info (France)

“Spiritual and sparkling performance”
- ConcertNet.com