Differential Moods (Jeffrey Loeffert)

Differential Moods (Jeffrey Loeffert)


In this solo CD Mr. Loeffert presents music by diverse group of composers, all written for solo soprano saxophone and its combination with piano, soprano saxophone trio and quartet, flute, electronic track, and loop machine, blending familiar sound of the instrument with non-traditional techniques, avant-garde jazz-like improvisations and electronic soundscapes.

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1.            Farfalle Cotte by Marc Mellits  1:07

Exact Change by David Rakowski
2.           Heads  4:15
3.            Tails   3:04

4.            Tadj by Christian Lauba   8:27
5.            Ars by Christian Lauba  4:16
6.            Jeu d'Esprit by Augusta Read Thomas  3:32
7.            Arianna by Francois Rosse   1 :36
8.            Ximix by Francois Rosse  2:20
9.            East European Cubs by Francois Rosse  1 :50
10.         Shanai by Francois Rosse 6:18
11.         Differential Moods by Matthew Schoendorff 8:13
12.         Solo Flight by Igor Karača  5:33
13.         Hoquetus Pocketus by Igor Karača 2:43
14.         Canon for Three by Elliott Carter 1:15
15.         Prelude for Unspecified Instrument by Benjamin Fuhrman 2:33
16.         Dorian Reeds by Terry Riley 14:19


Fanfare (Sept/Oct 2014)

"Now, this I like! A disc of slightly wacky, “out there” music, excellently played and well recorded. This music is primarily built around quick, syncopated passages played by the various reeds here, all of whom have excellent tones and techniques, but more importantly, it’s enjoyable music, well written, and played in an enjoyable manner.”

“This is a fascinating disc.”

“…you’ll really appreciate Loeffert’s virtuosity here.  It’s not merely excellent, but astounding.”