Dracula. Original Music by Sergei Kvitko

Dracula. Original Music by Sergei Kvitko


Original music composed, arranged and performed by Sergei Kvitko

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01     Overture     5:46      
02     Renfield (No Death Is Too Quick)     0:21      
03     I Storm. Allegro assai     4:26      
04     II Passacalia. Andante     3:27      
05     III Damn Fugue. Allegro con brio     2:26      
06     After The Ship Wreck     1:49      
07     Bad Dreams Are Welcome     4:47      
08     Digging The Grave     4:31      
09     Vampires     1:49      
10     Costuming The Angels     1:17      
11     Driving The Stake     1:18      
12     Perfect Reason To Die     4:58      
13     Bolero Of The Bats     4:09      
14     Tears On The Keys     4:31      
15     The Dead Travel Fast     5:50      
16     Winter Wolf     4:13


Lansing State Journal Thespie Award 2003 (Best Original Music)
City Pulse Pulsar Award 2003 (Best Original Music)
Riverwalk Theatre Barnie Award 2003 (Best Sound Design)

"a well conceived, executed, and imaginative score. I have to say I loved it. Kvitko’s music is entertaining, powerful, witty, even a bit cheesy (in his own words), or tongue-in-cheek, while dramatically illustrating the familiar story... terrific verve, sweeping orchestration..."-  Fanfare Magazine

"Kvitko wove a borderline insane level of care and sophistication into every bar of his score even when you can barely hear it." (Lansing City Pusle, October 15, 2003)