Joseph Lulloff, saxophone

Deborah Moriarty, piano

With Michael Kroth, bassoon

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Joseph Lulloff (saxophone), Deborah Moriarty (piano) and Michael Kroth (bassoon) present works on “Four Shades of French” that normally would not be heard in this particular combination. The use of soprano and alto saxophone in place of the original instruments flute, oboe and violin, respectively, enable the trio to dive in other typically separate repertories. Exploring these four Parisian composers, Camille Saint-Saëns, Claude Debussy, Francis Poulenc and César Franck – with their very different compositional approaches – offers an intriguing coherence and continuity which is individualistic, yet quite obviously French.

 Included in the release are extensive liner notes by Henning Schröder.

Camille Saint-Saëns Sonata for Oboe and Piano, Op. 166 (1921)

  1. I. Andantino   3:48

  2. II. Ad libitum, Allegretto, Ad libitum  5:18

  3. III. Molto allegro    2:31

 Claude Debussy Syrinx (1913)  2:58

Francis Poulenc Trio for Piano, Oboe and Bassoon, Opus 43 (1926)

  1. I. Lent – Presto    5:21

  2. II. Andante con moto 3:40

  3. III. Rondo – Très vif   3:13

Claude Debussy Preludes

  1. Général Lavine – eccentric   2:43

  2. La fille aux chevéux de lin (The Girl With Flaxen Hair)    2:29

  3. Feux d’artifice (Fireworks)    4:32


César Franck Sonata in A Major for Violin and Piano, FWV 8 (1886)

  1. I. Adagio  5:53

  2. II. Allegro  8:20

  3. III. Andante 7:27

  4. IV. Allegro  6:22