HANDFUL OF DUST (Music of Igor Karaca)

HANDFUL OF DUST (Music of Igor Karaca)


h2 quartet, Geoffrey Deibel, Igor Karaca, Jeffrey Loeffert, Kimberly Goddard Loeffert, Jordan Lulloff, Joseph Lulloff, John Nichol and Jonathan Nichol

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Dr. Igor Karaca is a Bosnian-American composer and pianist of classical and jazz music. Most of his work has been for chamber ensembles and electronic media. He employs a wide variety of techniques, ranging from controlled aleatoric, avant-jazz inspirited textures, to more traditional, neoclassical style; he usually aims to make his work accessible to a relatively large audience.

The title track, “Handful of Dust” is a programmatic piece about the siege of Sarajevo – the longest siege of a capital city in the history of modern warfare – and is a musical transformation of Karaca’s experience during those difficult and uncertain times.

Handful of Dust
Jeffrey Loeffert, baritone saxophone & Igor Karaca, piano

h2 quartet

Secunda Pars
h2 quartet

Solo Flight
Jeffrey Loeffert, soprano saxophone

Calligrammi II
Jeffrey Loeffert & Jonathan Nichol, soprano saxophone

Jeffrey Loeffert & Jonathan Nichol, baritone saxophone

h2 quartet & John Nichol, alto saxophone

Echo Days
Jeffrey Loeffert, soprano saxophone & Igor Karaca, piano

Hoquetus Pocketus
Jeffrey Loeffert, Jordan Lulloff, Joseph Lulloff, Jonathan Nichol, soprano saxophone