Impressions (Nicholas Phillips)

Impressions (Nicholas Phillips)


Impressions, the latest album by pianist Nicholas Phillips, features works for solo piano written by an impressive group of young American composers, including Lucas Floyd, Stacy Garrop, Judd Greenstein, Nico Muhly, Mark Olivieri, Carter Pann, Jonathan Pieslak, Joel Puckett, and Sarah Kirkland Snider

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Phillips has been praised for his “bejeweled accuracy” (BBC Music Magazine), and been called “an able and persuasive advocate” of new music (The New York Times) and “truly, a post-modern pianist” (Time Out Chicago).  With Impressions, he continues his advocacy of new music, delivering a wonderful and diverse collection of pieces from the last decade, including several new works written for him.  His previous albums include American Vernacular: New Music for Solo Piano, Boris Papandopulo: Piano Music, and Portals and Passages.

First Ballade (2008) Judd Greenstein 8:24
une petite barcarolle* (2013) Joel Puckett  2:46
A Hudson Cycle (2005) Nico Muhly 3:17
Shards (2008) Jonathan Pieslak  10:19
Keyboard of the Winds* (2015) Stacy Garrop 8:17

Piano Thoughts, Vol. 3* (2016) Lucas Floyd

No. 1 Breathe    2:02
No. 2 Fog Wine  2:12
No. 3 Run Together  0:57
No. 4 Light in its Proper Place  1:45
No. 5 Beyond  2:36

The Currents (2012)  Sarah Kirkland Snider 7:28

From The Piano’s 12 Sides (2011) Carter Pann 

“White Moon Over Water”  7:06
“She Steals Me”  5:05

Hommage à Trois (2005)                               Mark Olivieri

I. Luca’s Swell: Hommage à Aaron Copland  4:32
II. Gestures: Hommage à Toru Takemitsu 2:45
III. Funk for Nikki: Hommage à James Brown  3:49

*world premiere recording