Into a Cloud (Jared Hauser)

Into a Cloud (Jared Hauser)


Acclaimed oboist Jared Hauser, described as a “sensitive, elegant soloist” with a “subtle refined style” by Gramophone Magazine, and as a “meditative and thoughtful” player by the American Record Guide, presents a new CD of music by American composers – David Maslanka, Randall Thompson, Bruce Adolphe, Kati Agócs and Henry Cowell.
Mr. Hauser is joined by pianist Amy Dorfman, violist Ann Marie Hudson, clarinetist Todd Waldecker and narrator Ken Beachler, to create a diverse gamut of sounds on this beautiful recording of rarely-performed works.

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David Maslanka (b.1943)

Sonata for Oboe and Piano

1. I. Moderate 6:24

2. II. Very slow and free 9:41

3. III. Moderate 8:59

Jared Hauser, oboe; Amy Dorfman, piano

Randall Thompson (1899-1984)

Suite for Oboe, Clarinet and Viola

4. Gaio 2:17

5. Adagio assai 2:26

6. Allegro 1:33

7. Lento religioso 4:55

8 Grave. Allegretto 4:22

Jared Hauser, oboe; Todd Waldecker, clarinet; Ann Marie Hudson, viola

Bruce Adolphe (b.1955)

9. Into a Cloud 6:29

Jared Hauser, oboe; Amy Dorfman, piano; Ken Beachler, narrator

Kati Agócs (b. 1975)

 10. Vocalise on a Poem by Dylan Thomas 3:08

Jared Hauser, oboe; Ann Marie Hudson, viola

Henry Cowell (1897-1965)

Ostinati with Chorales for Oboe and Piano

11. Chorale 1: Andante cantabile 1:15

12. Ostinato 1: Allegro non troppo 2:04

13. Chorale 2: Larghetto 1:21

14. Ostinato 2: Lento rubato 4:25

15. Chorale 3: Larghetto calmato 1:32

16. Ostinato 3: Allegro con brio 2:18

Jared Hauser, oboe; Amy Dorfman, piano