Into Xylonia (Iridium Quartet)

Into Xylonia (Iridium Quartet)


The Iridium Quartet draws upon a rich history of over ten years of collaboration between saxophonists Paul Nolen, Marcos Colón, Paul Forsyth, and Eric Lau.

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Iridium has been praised by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Michael Colgrass as giving “a stunning performance … with elegance and grace,” and hailed by audiences as“displaying an impressive balance of intense control and abandon with tremendous precision.”
A staunch supporter of new music, the Iridium Quartet has also commissioned and/or premiered major worksby composers Peter Lieuwen, Roy Magnuson, Marcus Maroney, David Maslanka, Sonia Morales, David Rakowski,Ben Stonaker, and Carl Schimmel. In addition, Iridium has appeared as artists-in-residence at theFestival of New American Music (FeNAM) in Sacramento, CA and the John Donald Robb Composers’ Symposiumin Albuquerque, NM and presented performances throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and theUnited Kingdom.

Saxophone Quartet (2011) [13:49]     Marcus Maroney (b.1976)
1. Act I [5:34]
2. Entr’acte & Act II [8:15]

Saxophone Quartet No.3 (2011)            Ben Stonaker (b.1981)
3. Allegro animato [13:03]

Every Thing Must Go (2007) [13:03]     Martin Bresnick (b.1946)
4. Andante [4:00]
5. G. L. in memoriam [4:55]
6. Pensoso, con sobrioespressione [4:08]

Into Xylonia (2005) [5:45]             Carl Schimmel (b. 1975)
7. gleaming teak parquet, boundless, oceanic [2:16]
8. Bubinga buttons and ash pegs bubble in clumps [0:53]
9. Newelposts and dominoes jostle with alphablocks,caepitose and shrubby [0:20]
10. Ligneous tendrils bear fattening spindle tips,shooting about dowelsprout [0:44]
11. Pyrgoidal Peppermills and Peglegs – MammothAxehandles – Titanic BiedermeierBedstands [0:44]
12. From the barbicans flutter deckle and chads, tickertape andtimbersplinters, crepe paper billowing like henin cloth [0:48]

Recitation Book (2006) [24:15]      David Maslanka (b. 1943)
13. Broken Heart: Meditation on the chorale melody “Der dubistdrei in Einigkeit” (You who are three in one) [4:32]
14. Prelude/Chorale: Meditation on “JesumeineFreude”(Jesus is my joy) [4:20]
15. Eccomoriròdunque (Look! My death is near!)Gesualdo di Venosa, 1596 [1:37]
16. Meditation on “O SalutarisHostia”(O Salvation’s Victim) - Gregorian Chant [3:17]
17. Fanfare/Variations on “Durch Adams Fall”(Through Adam’s Fall) [10:29]