KALEIDOSCOPE 2CDs (Irena Portenko)

KALEIDOSCOPE 2CDs (Irena Portenko)


KALEIDOSCOPE: 25 Preludes and Fugues for PIANO and HUMANKIND By Israel Kremen (Irena Portenko) 2 CD set

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Representing a never-ending loop of ideas, emotions and styles that swirl in a relentless motion that is our life – Israel Kremen’s KALEIDOSCOPE strives to unite all that is around us with an open-ended invitation to the listener to become a part of the performance, as the intriguing title suggests.   

Brought to life by acclaimed Ukranian-born pianist Irena Portenko and the attending audience in Pittsburgh in 2009, this is a live recording of the original, highly-successful, world-premiere performance. As called for in the instrumentation, the participation of “humankind” is vital, and can be heard in the original concert as the audience claps, whistles and sings along with Portenko.  The performance stands as a fruit of a close and diligent collaboration between composer and performer. 

Unique and daring in its vision and stylistic scope, KALEIDOSCOPE is both virtuosic and accessible.  Much like the beloved toy of wonder, it brings forth a myriad of styles, juxtaposed in a seemingly endless, multidimensional world.  

Disc 1

Tracks 01-26 Preludes and Fugues 1-13 (49:53)

Disc 2

Tracks 01-24 Preludes and Fugues 14-25 (52:44)