NEON FLICKER (h2/4 duo)

NEON FLICKER (h2/4 duo)


Jeffrey Loeffert and Jonathan Nichol

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The h2/4 duo is comprised of the founding members of the h2 quartet, Jeffrey Loeffert and Jonathan Nichol and is dedicated to the commissioning and performing of compelling new works for saxophone. On this new release, the duo presents works by Takuma Itoh, Mac Mellits, Igor Karca, Forrest Pierce, François Rossé, David MacDonald and Barry Cockcroft

Neon Flicker by Takuma Itoh      

O My Dove by Forrest Pierce
   Mvt. I Until the Day Breathes and the Shadows Flee     
   Mvt. II Awake, O North Wind!          
   Mvt. III Terrible as an Army with Banners       

Tachycardia by Marc Mellits   
Ximix by François Rossé                             
Calligrammi II by Igor Karaca
Linear Geometry by David MacDonald    
Rock Us by Barry Cockcroft
Persistence by Igor Karaca
Black by Marc Mellits