Music of Armenia (Suren Bagratuni)

Music of Armenia (Suren Bagratuni)

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Acclaimed cellist Suren Bagratuni, winner of the Silver medal at the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow, present a CD of music by two of the most prominent contemporary Armenian composers: Eduard Mirzoyan and Vache Sharafyan. The music, although deeply rooted in ancient Armenian melodies, embraces innovative compositional techniques with the use of quarter-tone intonations, wide vibrato, whispers, and other sound effects. To bring this music to life Mr. Bagratuni collaborates with his esteemed colleagues at Michigan State University, pianist Deborah Moriarty and saxophonist James Forger, as well as his daughter, Marta, whose beautiful voice and cello playing are also featured on this recording.

Eduard Mirzoyan (1921-2012)

Sonata for Cello and Piano, 1968 (Dedicated to Mstislav Rostropovich)

1. I. Allegro moderato 5:30

2. II. Andante 7:05

3. III. Allegro 6:09

Suren Bagratuni, cello and Deborah Moriarty, piano


Vache Sharafyan (b. 1966)

4. Between a dream and awakening* for saxophone and cello (2012) 9:14

(Commissioned by Suren Bagratuni and James Forger)

James Forger, saxophone and Suren Bagratuni, cello


On Wings of Hymns* (Dedicated to Suren Bagratuni)

5. I. Ures Mayr Im (Where Are You, My Mother?) for cello and piano, 2005 8:40

6. II. Urakh Ler (Rejoice, Holy Temple) for cello and piano, 2005 6:58

Suren Bagratuni, cello and Deborah Moriarty, piano

7. III. Bats mez Ter (Open for us, Lord…) for two cellos, 2006 5:55

Suren Bagratuni and Marta Bagratuni, cellos

8. IV. Amen, Hayr Surb (Glory, Holy Father) for two cellos and voices, 2006 5:26

Suren Bagratuni and Marta Bagratuni, cellos and voices

* World-premiere Recording