Schumann's Enigma (Svetlana Tsivinskaya & Natalia Tokar )

Schumann's Enigma (Svetlana Tsivinskaya & Natalia Tokar )

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New Blue Griffin CD “Schumann’s Enigma. Exploration of Robert Schumann’s Sonatas for Violin and Piano” invites listeners to rediscover the two sides of Schumann through two of his late works. Violinist Svetlana Tsivinskaya and pianist Natalia Tokar offer warmth, boldness and intensity in their performance of op. 105 and op. 121, exposing Schumann’s vivaciousness, tenderness and internal struggle throughout both sonatas, giving us a glimpse into his creative genius.

Ms. Tsivinskaya’s extensive liner notes contain her original research that looks at these pieces from the point of Schumann’s coded signature in them, and detailing the presence of Florestan and Eusebuis (Schumann’s alter egos) in both works. 

SONATA for violin and piano op. 105 in A minor
I. Mit leidenschaftlichem Ausdruck
II. Allegretto
III. Lebhaft

THE GRAND SONATA for violin and piano op. 121 in D minor
I. Ziemlich langsam. Lebhaft
II. Sehr lebhaft
III. Leise, einfach
IV. Bewegt