Jennifer Goltz, soprano

Stephen Lusmann, baritone

John Boonenberg, piano

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The prolific composer William Horne offers a release of stylistically diverse art songs which embrace not only the modern musical language, but also the tonal language of song that is accessible to all.  The CD features the “captivating” and “brilliant” (Gramophone) soprano Jennifer Goltz, operatic baritone Stephen Lusmann, who has sung more than 40 leading roles with major opera companies, and internationally acclaimed pianist John Boonenberg, winner of the Grand Prize at the International Bartok-Kabalevsky-Prokofiev Piano Competition (2001).

Seascape. A Cycle of Songs from Walt Whitman’s Sea-Drift (2009)
1.    I. Soothe! Soothe! Soothe!                    5:10
2.    II. Land! Land! O land!                        1:51
3.    III. O throat! O trembling throat!                3:17
4.    IV. But soft! Sink low!                        4:30
5.    V. O darkness! O in vain!                    4:20

Six Songs for Phillip Frohnmayer (2011)
6.    “On the Beach at Night” (Whitman)                7:15
7.    “A Ballad of Trees and the Master” (Lanier)            2:56
8.    “Evening Song” (Lanier)                        2:07
9.    “Snow-Flakes” (Longfellow)                    3:01
10.    “The Ferryman” (Christina Rosetti)                1:08
11.    “From ‘Ulysses’” (Tennyson)                    4:27

Songs of Passage, Book 1 (2015)
12.    “Birds of Passage” (Longfellow)                    4:21
13.    “I Who Was Young” (Stevenson)                    2:14
14.    “White in the Moon” (Housman)                3:24
15.    “We’ll to the Woods No More” (Housman)            2:07
16.    “Sail Fast” (Lanier)                        2:00

from Songs of Passage, Book II (2015)
17.    “The Old Face” (Whitman)                    3:21
18.    “Know You the River” (Stevenson)                1:44
19.    “Walking” (Frohnmayer)                    3:31
20.    “Crossing the Bar” (Tennyson)                    2:59

from Songs of Remembrance (2013)
21.    “Autumn Within” (Longfellow)                    2:12
22.    “Something Left Undone” (Longfellow)                1:34
23.    “Remnant People in a Remnant Land” (Janise Ray)        4:31
24.    “The Flower” (Tennyson)                    4:33