Songs of Logan Skelton: Anderson Songs (Lusmann, Goltz, Skelton)

Songs of Logan Skelton: Anderson Songs (Lusmann, Goltz, Skelton)


This recording present two song cycles - “The Islander,” on poems by Walter Anderson, and “Into Deep Waters” on poems by the composer’s father, Zan Skelton, performed by soprano Jennifer Goltz, baritone Stephen Lusmann and composer at the piano

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ANDERSON SONGS: The Islander (© 2003 by Logan Skelton) (44:53)

1. PROLOGUE: Invisible Music 2:29

2. The Divine Symphony 2:28

3. Oh, Zinnia! 1:57

4. Song of the Mouse 2:17

5. What Could Be More Delectable? 1:23

6. INTERLOGUE I: Invisible Music 0:58

7. The Bird Flies 3:09

8. Song of the Goat 2:19

9. Song of the Deer and the Dogs 3:33

10. The Celestial Inverted Cone of Heaven 3:31

11. INTERLOGUE II: Heavenly Music 1:52

12. Inky the Coon: A Requiem 3:41

13. Song of the Horse 3:28

14. After the Moon Went Down 3:30

15. Song of the Pelican 3:36

16. EPILOGUE: Invisible Music 4:49

SKELTON SONGS: Into Deep Waters (© 2010 by Logan Skelton) (12:59)

17. Into Deep Waters 2:34

18. Like the Willow 4:01

19. On the Morning of the Last Day 6:27

Logan Skelton is a much sought after pianist, teacher and composer whose work has received international critical acclaim.  As a composer he has a special affinity for art song, having composed well over a hundred songs, including numerous song cycles. Critics have noted the close fusion of text and music in Skelton's songs, how words are “...illuminated with brilliance and deep emotional power” (American Record Guide).