String Theory (RICHTER UZUR DUO)

String Theory (RICHTER UZUR DUO)


Music from Albeniz to Zeppelin for cello and guitar

Brad Richter, guitar & Viktor Uzur, cello

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The debut recording from the Richter Uzur DUO (Brad Richter, guitar & Viktor Uzur, cello). This CD will take you on a wild ride from classics to classic rock and from contemporary composition to folk (sometimes within one track!).  Join this explosive group as they cover the territory between Albeniz and Zeppelin with their new and exciting arrangements.

Mash-up I
1. Misirlou (Greek traditional)
2. Bumblebee (Rimsky-Korsakov)

3. Zajdi, zajdi jasno sonce (Macedonian traditional)

4. Carpathian Kolo (Viktor Uzur)

5. Kashmir

Fragments Transcending (Brad Richter)
6. Facing East
7. Circles

8. La Folia

Romanian Folk Dances (Béla Bartók)
9. Dance With Stick
10. Waistband Dance
11. Stamping Dance
12. Horn Dance
13. Romanian Polka
14. Quick Dance

Mash-up II
15. The Man Who Sold the World/James Bond Themes

Mash-up III
16. Superstition/Leyenda/Jungle Boogie