TIMES & SPACES (h2 quartet)

TIMES & SPACES (h2 quartet)


The award-winning h2 quartet’s second recording, Times & Spaces, features contemporary saxophone music by American composers Philip Glass, Takuma Itoh, David MacDonald, John Mackey, and Roger Petersen

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While the exciting Saxophone Quartet by Philip Glass takes center stage, the album boasts a cohesive group of established and emerging composers who embody the honest spirit and rich eclecticism of American music.  The h2 quartet generates clear, beautiful melodies, delivers powerful rhythms, and breezes through the complexities of the works presented here, establishing themselves as an elite chamber ensemble.   With this effort, the h2 quartet, hailed by the American Record Guide as “an ensemble to watch for years to come,” both acknowledges their musical roots and looks ahead to the future, which seems bright indeed.

Philip Glass (b. 1937)
Saxophone Quartet (1995) 22:05
1. I 6:04
2. II 4:38
3. III 7:35
4. IV 3:48

Takuma Itoh (b. 1984)
5. Echolocation (2009) 8:41

Roger W. Petersen (b. 1976)
6. Chasing the Silence (2009) 9:18

David MacDonald (b. 1983)
7. Falling Up the Down Escalator (2009) 6:14

Roger W. Petersen (b. 1976)
8. In Dreams (2005/2008) 4:08
James Forger, Joseph Lulloff, John Nichol, Timothy Rosenberg, saxophones; Kevin Sedatole, conductor

John Mackey (b. 1973)
Strange Humors (1998/2008) 6:43
9. Improvisation by Jon Weber, percussion 1:39
10. Strange Humors 5:04