Transcension (J. Adam Briggs)

Transcension (J. Adam Briggs)


Saxophonist J. Adam Briggs present his solo debut recording “Transcension” with powerful performances of works by Michael Albaugh, William Albright, Luciano Berio and John Anthony Lennon. What makes this release unique is that Mr. Briggs includes a second CD with his insightful commentary on artistic and emotional qualities of the music, as well as performance practices and challenges.

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Michael Albaugh (b. 1967)
1     Transcension, for solo alto saxophone (1997/2007) (7:26)

William Albright (1944-1998)
Sonata for alto saxophone and piano (1984)
2     Two-Part Invention (4:32)
3    La Follia Nuova: A Lament For George Cacioppo (9:00)
4     Scherzo "Will O' The Wisp" (1:57)
5     Recitative and Dance (4:43)

Luciano Berio (1925-2003)
6     Sequenza IXb, for alto saxophone (1980/81) (13:58)

John Anthony Lennon (b. 1950)
7     Distances Within Me, for alto saxophone and piano (1979) (11:48)